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Should be obvious once you've read the title. Keep a pocketwatch in your trouser pocket (not sure what you do if you've got a dress on). This can easily be removed by one hand while hidden by the table (pretend to scratch an itch, or not, most people don't care if you've got one hand below the table as long as your arm doesn't move too much). Place the watch between your legs. Then you can pretend to read notes as an excuse to look down, while both hands are in plain sight. Or, if the watch is small enough, you can palm it, fold your hands on the table, and open them slightly to let you see the time.

I once read an idea to make a watch that would tell you the time by pushing little pins out of its back, so you could learn to tell the time by the feel the watch made on your wrist.

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The Pocketwatch Solution and others

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