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Object Oriented Design

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Rickshaw Splat

Your article should really be entitled 'Object Oriented Design' as it is the design of OO systems that is important not the programming. This is especially true as they is not really such a thing as a program in true OO terms. I find that if you design OO systems correctly then the programming or coding part is trivial. You need a different mindset for OO than can easily be described using terminology from the world of traditional programming.

Object Oriented Design

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True, true, but I wrote the article from the point of view of someone who doesn't know what the hell object-orientation is at all, and therefore is more likely to associate it with programming rather than software design per se. An addendum, though, perhaps?

Object Oriented Design

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It should at least be Object *Oriented* Programming!

Object Oriented Design

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Point bleedin' taken!

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