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Falkenberg, Sweden

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Falkenberg1 is a small coastal town in the southwest of Sweden. The town itself has a population of about 30,000, and the nearest surroundings hold another 15,000 or so people. Falkenberg is nicely situated on the shores of Kattegatt - an eastern offshoot to the North Sea - boasting some of the best beaches in the country. The climate is temperate and the winters are mild, due to clement winds and the warm flows of the Gulf Stream.

The municipality as a whole offers a beautiful and varying landscape: from the beaches in the west, through vast expanses of fertile farmland, to the dark forests and lakes bordering the highlands in the east, all within an area no larger than 700 square miles.

Nothing much happens in Falkenberg, which is exactly why it is such an idyllic place to live. Even though it is definitely provincial, you can reach two of Sweden's three largest cities by car in an hour and a half2.

1The name 'Falkenberg' means 'Falcon Mountain'. The town got its name from the peregrine falcons which were used for hunting pheasants in the area in Medieval times.2If you're traveling either due north, which brings you to Gothenburg, or due south, which brings you to Malmoe.

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