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Does anyone know where one could use the immersion method to learn Anglo-Saxon?

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You could go to one of those Renaissance Festivals (I haven't a clue what they call them, or even if they have them, in Britain). The participants seem to like to use "thees" and "thous" an awful lot, and whatever else they know. I suspect that their grammar and overrall Anglo-Saxon language ability is rather low, but I think that's about as close as you can get.

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Your immersion method would have to be contructed. Listen to Anglo-Saxon speech (recorded things like Beowulf) as you read it until you get the pronunciation correct. If you learned with a friend you can then converse in it. This is more like practice, but it is the only way tostudy dead/evolved languages.

Thee and Thou are technically modern English. I am not sure if they we in Middle English as well, but Old English (Anglo-Saxon) uses ├żu (thu) for thou. ("modern" English is actually inclusive of pre-Shakespere)

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