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The trick when learning languages is to anticipate the words you are going to need. Since this is pretty much impossible, one trick is always to carry a little notebook with you in the country whose language you are learning. When you hear a word you like or need, make a note and you will build up a vocabulary based on your life and interests.

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i do agree with the thibgs you have said, once a person is in a country, you build up your own vocabulary, thats true, learning a language is never to easy, but if you no the system of the language, i mean the second one, you know the fourth, and so on, because lets say you learn french, then you learn italian, if you learn these language, they are from the same root, so it is pretty easy, i know spanish, italian, and a little of friench, so i associate those languages, and i can undderstand it, because they all are indo europena languages, we call it romance languages because of they origin from latin.

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A tip on the tip:
If you can't get to another country do the notebook idea at home. Write down what words/ohrases you needed to go shopping or whatever. When you are able, look them up. Now you have anticipated the words!

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