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Ways of remembering the number of days in the month

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I see the article presents us with that really tedious poem which helps us to remember which months have 31 days etc. Trouble is, if you want to break the ice at parties and confidently quote that October, for example, has 31 days, by the time you've mentally scanned through the poem (or read it out loud) the conversation has moved on.

Instead, make two horizontal loose fists with your hands pointing away from you and then put them side by side with your thumbs tucked away. Where your fingers start you will have a series of knuckles and little valleys between them, and counting from either end, each knuckle represents a month with 31 days, and each "valley" between them represents a shorter month. July-August are two "knuckles" as they go between one hand and another, so have 31 days. You just have to remember the February thing as the others have 30 days.

At your party, when someone needs to know how many days there are in a certain month, you just need to whip out your fists and count your knuckles - much easier and less scary than reading a poem at someone.

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Ways of remembering the number of days in the month

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