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Ten Pin Bowling in Leeds, UK

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There are currently three bowling alleys in Leeds.


Situated in the Merrion Centre opposite Leeds Metropolitan University.

AMF is the traditional type of bowling alley and is therefore mainly used by league bowlers. It can be quite busy between 7 and 9.30 due to the popularity of the leagues. It is cheaper to bowl during the day, whereas at night it costs £3.50 for the first game. However there are discounts for students and it does get cheaper the more games you play. There are also good discounts for British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) members, who can play for £1 a game during quieter times and get 15% off at the licensed bar and snack bar.

LA Bowl

Situated on Sweet Street, just off the M621.

As well as tenpin bowling, the LA Bowl has extra activities such as Quasar and pool.

Hollywood Bowl

Situated in Kirkstall Leisure Park.

Hollywood Bowl is the newest alley, and costs about £3.50 per game. There are no discounts for students or BTBA members. They also have a bar and some video games.

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