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Llanhenock, Wales, UK

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Llanhenock is a small village in South East Wales. It lies on a hill about a mile from the old Roman fort of Caerleon, which some say is Malory's Camelot*.

The views are stunning, on a clear day it is possible to see Blorange and Skirid, two mountains which lie as far north as Abergavenny. Llanhenock has a small population, providing that community feel which seems to be lacking in most towns and cities. The churchyard is a wonderful place to sit and relax. It has some very old Yew trees and also still has its preaching cross. Among the other buildings is the Old School House, which still has its original bell suspended in its tower. Sadly there is no Post Office or shop at Llanhenock, perhaps there was once, but like in many villages it may have fallen victim to competition from the cheaper, soulless outlets which are scattered throughout the nearest towns.

Llanhenock has one of the best pubs in the area. The Wheatsheaf cannot be faulted. Its ordinary two-room interior is decorated with random pieces of memorabilia, ranging from black and white photographs of old viaducts to cups in the shape of breasts. The late Henry Powell was landlord the until two years ago, but thankfully his wife has carried on the pub in the same spirit he always did.

Food is served at lunchtime, and door-stop sandwiches are available on request, but like all good pubs the food is not allowed to interfere with beer drinking. The beer is served in a perfect condition, with the minimum of friction on its way from pump to belly. Bass, Worthington, and Brain's Smooth are joined by a guest ale which is new almost every time you visit.

In the winter, sitting next to the fire with a pint and Duke - the pub's dog - at your feet, the experience is pure heaven.

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