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don't let the b...

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I'm enjoying this entry. However, I think you have said don't let the b******d (singular) grind you down. Isn't the plural illegitimi?
I've also seen noli illegitimi carborundum, which I think maybe slightly more "in the vernacular".

don't let the b...

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Salve amice!

The whole bit is bogus. words just wrong. such as illegitimi - NOT LATIN
Bastard = nothi pl nothis

Also carborundum ( or whatever ) not even close . It's a mineral ( cogito... )

An idea of your "quote " that would be more accurate ( if that's the word) would be:

Noli permittere nothis te terere. ( Don't allow the bastards to drag you in the soil ( mud ? )

My version...


don't let the b...

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Regarding your reply,

Noli permissum nothis frendo te accido? (Don't allow the bastards to grind you to ruin)

don't let the b...

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Binro the Heretic

The phrase "Illegitimi non carborundum" is a very well known mock-Latin one. It has been around for ages. It was used by General Joseph Stillwell during WWII http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/show/99480 and was later used by Barry Goldwater.

These phrases, whether 'real' Latin, 'mock' Latin, or whatever are simply good fun, and, if they are NOT genuine, they should be added in the same way as we add French, Latin and Greek to our own.

don't let the b...

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smiley - ok

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