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Youth Radio - TripleJ

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Just Call Me Ben

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation run their Youth radio network, Triple J, throughout the country. You can hear it on the net at www.abc.net.au/triplej and it plays largely alternative music, local bands, youth oriented talkbalk and issues and dedicated news teams etc. All with no advertisements (well, apart from flogging its own products, of course). Does the BBC, or indeed any other national broadcaster, provide a similar radio service?

Youth Radio - TripleJ

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Spaceballer (Guardian of Satsumas and other orange fruit)

When I was driving round Oz, Triple J was the only thing worth listening too. Especially when we'd got fed up with the CDs in the car. As far as the BBC doing this, yes it does. And then a bit more. The closest thing to Triple J here in Blighty is Radio 1, no ads, some fairly offbeat music mixed with the usual smattering of pop shite. There's also Radio 2, which is a strange mix of chat, serious chat and music for the over 40s. Radio 3 is classical, I think, although I haven't listened to it intentially ever. Then there's Radio 4 - serious news, radio plays and other staid stuff for the county folk of middle England and then there's Radio 5, which is as much sport as you can throw a bomerang at.

This is nationwide and can be listened to via the BBC's site (www.bbc.co.uk) but there are also so many local stations, I'd be here for years.

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