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An slip of the tongue by one of my mothers friend invented the Transylvanian Penguin (she ment to say Tazmanian). So I rote an Ode and a geniological discription. I though I'd share them.

Ode To A Transylvanian Penguin

The Transyvanian Penguin is a very curious breed.
Living so far from water, it finds it hard to feed.
Its eggs are small and green.
They are very rarely seen,
The Climd Carpathias mountains and build their nests in scree.
Oh, a Transyvanian Penguin is a wonderous thing to be.

Apendytes Geenonica
This mysterios bird is only found in th nort west corner of Romania. They are strange creatures with a very nervous disposition, earning themselves the nickname "The Worrier Penguin". They have very specific adaptations to their mountainious habitat.

The original included a picture, basiclly an emporer penguin wearing bobble hat, walking boots and a rope over one shoulder.

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Transylvanian Penguin

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