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Devil Sticks

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A piece of oriental juggling equipment consisting of two hand-sticks and a larger devil stick. The fun comes in the form of keeping the devil stick airborne using a tick-tock motion with the hand-sticks whilst performing tricks such as propeller and helicopter spins.

It is probably best to begin learning moves with a flower-stick. This is a devil-stick with extra weighting at each end for balance and a rubber grip on the stick itself. Begin with one end of the stick on the ground and push it from left to right. Don't hit it across to each side, instead try to catch it before pushing it back again with the hand-stick. Once you have found a good rhythm, it is easy to lift the stick and continue the motion in the air to the delight and admiration of your friends. It is worth remembering that this initial learning stage should never be attempted indoors in the proximity of valuable vases.

Once a few tricks have been learnt, progress to a proper devil-stick with its intimidating lack of grip1. It may be harder but, if you can make this baby dance, you can start passing round a hat as you bask in the glory of your achievement.

Once you've mastered devil sticks you're on your way to the circus!

1This can be compensated for slightly with silicon-coated hand-sticks as opposed to rubber ones.

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