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Wrinkled Rocker

I share my bed with duvet thieves! smiley - yikes
My wife and I have a small bed - the smallest bed regarded as a "double bed" - condusive to smiley - cuddlesmiley - smoochsmiley - tickle. I confess we now also share it with two small dogs, who compete for position during the night. They start at the foot of the bed where they are excellent hot water bottles. However, during the night, they seem to creep higher and higher until they are lying between us.
Now a duvet is designed to cover one (or two) persons beneath the cover. When one has two below and two above, the width is insufficient. As a person who sleeps like a corpse (except for the snoring!) I will wake to find the edge of the duvet has lifted up and exposed my body. smiley - blue
Getting it back involves growling back at irate comfortable canines and a sleeping spouse. No mean task I may say! smiley - erm
Each time we have replaced the duvet, we have bought a bigger one - we only have the maximum sized on left. I think even that one will get pinched during the night! smiley - sadface
Now perhaps if I sewed two double duvet's together..? smiley - huh

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