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Washington DC Traffice Circles

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Washington DC has some of the most confusion Traffics circles that I have ever seen, mostly because
the are not simply a crossing of two roads, rather appear more like the intersection of an
infinite (or least finitely large) number of roads.

I spent a half-an-hour once just trying to figure out which of the various roads that went of from
the circle was the one I wanted (I was trying to just go straight through).

When I finally saw the sign with the street name that I wanted, it was several blocks before I realized
that I in fact circled around and managed to end up going back the way I came from.

Another problem is that in the US, each part of the country seems to have it's own
type and flavor of bad drivers. In DC however, you get bad drivers from ALL OVER the country
brought together in one place.

I guess it is kind of like driving in Paris . . .

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Washington DC Traffice Circles

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