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Galliker's Iced Tea

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The Nectar of the Gods

Galliker's Iced Tea is a more than pleasant tasting beverage made at a small dairy in south-western Pennsylvania, USA. Using 'normal' iced tea ingredients, this dairy has probably created the best-tasting cold drink known to man. Considered by some to be the nectar of the gods, the tea comes in five delicious flavours:

  • Original (lemon flavour)
  • Diet
  • Decaffeinated
  • Raspberry
  • Peach

The original flavour is, by overwhelming opinion, the best of the lot, while the raspberry and peach versions are for those who enjoy a very sweet, fruity taste. The diet and decaffeinated teas are for members of society who just can't quite handle all the little bits that comprise life.

Any thirsty visitor to this region of the USA, arriving on a sultry summer day, should stop by a local market or convenience store to procure this refreshing drink. A word of warning though, this product contains caffeine - except for the decaffeinated version, of course - and should not be consumed in large quantities if sleep is considered important to the drinker.

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