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merry meet

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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

Merry meet, Njan!

I tried to get to your h2g2 home page, but it wont load. That's with Netscape. Haven't tried with Internet Exploder.


merry meet

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MM! Hitch-Hiker Pagans. Who'd have thought.

merry meet

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Many lurking.... myself one...

merry meet

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bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

and I repeat my comment from some other forum:

we are everywhere...

btw, nice article Njan

smiley - smiley

merry meet

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Contemplation (Zaphodista in a Cloak of Goo)

Everywhere, everywhen. Somebody has to keep the universe honest smiley - smiley



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MM to all wiccans and pagans out there on h2g2.
Like the article James *ss*

merry meet

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njan (afh)

Article? Which article? The Oxford one or the 5 elements one that Charon wrote most of the content for and I just organised, edited, and bothered putting on her web site and then h2g2 and then they removed the bit saying that at the bottom and everyone thinks I wrote it? I assume the 5 elements one...

P.S. I probably won't read any replies for several years because I don't generally look in here.

- Njan.
- [email protected]

merry meet

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njan (afh)

MM all... PLease ignore that article, I've just realised t stupidity of it. Aah well. I'd only just got up when I wrote it, I wasn't quite with it, as they say. *lop-sided grin*

- Njan.

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