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Traffic Light Jelly

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One thing missing from the article on jelly is Traffic Light Jelly. To make it, you need one packet of green jelly, one packet of yellow jelly, one packet of red jelly and quite a huge jelly mould.

Mix the red jelly according to the manufacturer's instructions, pour it into the mould and place the mould in the fridge.

Now mix the yellow jelly, but don't pour it in yet because this is where the skill lies in Traffic Light Jelly. You need to let the red jelly settle just enough so that when you do pour on the yellow jelly the two colours won't mix, but leave it liquid enough that the two layers will stay stuck together when you tip them out of the mould. Trial and error is the best method for determining when to pour; I normally leave it about 30-45 minutes. When the yellow jelly is nearly set, go through the same process with the green jelly.

When the whole thing is set (you'll want it to be really solid - I recommend leaving it in the fridge overnight), attempt to tip it out of the jelly mould. Serve the jelly. Receive rounds of applause.

The easier way to make it is to use a large glass bowl rather than a mould. A variation is to tilt the bowl/mould slightly while the first layer is settng, then tilt it other way while the second one sets and don't tilt it at all for the last stage.

Traffic Light Jelly

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

If you have a sealable container, it is quite fun to do this with a variety of colours at all sorts of angles, although occasionally you may need to insert un-set jelly through other "layers" through a straw.
The technique involves time and patience. Mix one colour of jelly (with ice cubes to speed up the setting process) and refrigerate at an angle until set. Then mix another colour and add to the container and allow to set at another angle. Use at least 5 different flavours and try to get really interesting structures and patterns. If you end up with a hole, then insert a straw, pull it out to make a hole and pour (using a paper home-made funnel) the jelly through.
This method is best for making loads of individual portions as the layers separate if you try divvying it up into bowls later and people object to not having as much red as the next person.
It gets even more interesting if you try to have fruit sticking into more than one layer.

Broken Glass Cake

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Another such Jelly master piece is Broken Glass Cake. Mix up three or four (or whatever) different colour Jelly packs and set them in container, preferably square, but it's not important. When they set get out a knife anf dice the Jelly while still in the mould. Then mix up gelatine mix with pineapple juice, cream, icing sugar, vanilla essence and, err, gelatine and mix it all together.

Then, chuck in your Jelly cubes, mix through and put in a mould (suggested ring mould). When it sets and you up-end it, you have this creamy coloured mould with bits of, well, broken glass all through it. Goes down a treat with kids and it's a great summer dessert.

If anyone wants the proper recipie - just say

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