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Don't knock it

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I quite like it.

It gives me a chance to watch the airplanes coming and going from Heathrow whilst sitting in a traffic jam. I sometimes feel that the jams near Heathrow are caused purely by people watching the planes.

It gives me chance to sit in jams in the country(ish)side, rather than in London.

My wife and I have had some fabulous rows sitting in traffic jams.

I could drive to Whitewater or Thurock Shopping Centres, but why bother.

Remember, it's only busy because it's popular, therefore it works.

Don't knock it

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I don't want to appear picky
but it is Bluewater
they went to so much trouble to market the name it seems churlish to rename it so early on ... i have a mental picture of somebody driving endlessly around the M25 muttering the comment ;well there's Bluewater so it stands to reason that Whitewater must be near here somewhere'

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