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Expanding Universe

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

This has puzzled me for some time now. What is outside the universe? In order for the universe to expand, surely it must have something to expand into? If so, what is it, and who can we blame?

On an altogether different tack - the one that always ends up in the sole of your trainers, or is left behind when you move house - how come 'The Guide' doesn't like any of the nicknames I come up with? Everytime I post a message, it keeps prompting me to change my nickname - albeit very politely by 'reminding' me I can change it.

Expanding Universe

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Saint Taco-Chako (P.S. of mixed metaphors)

Basic misconception:

The universe isn't expanding into anything. It is simply, from our pint of view, expanding. From the point of view of, say, a ray of light, there exists no such thing as time or distance, so for it the universe is made up of only direction.

It can't ever expand into anything, or even bump into one of the other myriad universes or shadow universes that keep popping up out there, because they exist at right angles to our reality.

Whee. Science has gotten a lot more like philosophy since Heisenberg.

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