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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

How anyone can claim to write a true and definitive article on cake without mentioning cheesecake, I'll never know.


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well, the original author may have a fear of cheese caused by a traumatic attack by a large chese wheel when they were very young. I had a similar experience with a large tank of jello and since cannot even write jello without slamming my head against the table. I'm gonna go and ice my head now...


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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

Ah, but cheesecake is cheese, cream, broken biscuits and a fruity topping of your choice - therefore it is not strictly "cake" and has been disqualified from this article.


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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

Then why is it called cake?

Why is there a reference to a cake of chocolate, which is not technically a cake either? Besides, Cheesecake is closer to cake than soap, so you could of at least mentioned it. From what I gather, many American Women, on reaching the end of a relationship, plump for either ice cream or cheesecake. By not mentioning it therefore, you are excluding a vast audience that would like to see it there.

I for one wish to lodge an official complaint.

For too many years, lovers of cheesecake have been excluded from polls in relation to cakes, and this persecution must stop!! Now.

Come on, cheesecake lovers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your street cred.

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