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what a load of rubbish ( chant )

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Ahh football (soccer to denote the game played by 22 men (morons)in brightly coloured clothing. The game for dullards with strange tribal propensities. So called supporters (rarely from the town/city/region there team is from) arguing without any real knowledge with a phrase such as " the defense lost its shape" hmm gibberish. Its not a sport its just overpaid thugs spitting in kits that change every other week to fleece the pockets of any fool who would by it. Ohh the sight of an overweight child his fat belly pressed against his Man U shirt, sweating in the 22 degree heat of an english summer. All the overpaid commentaters waffling on and on (a bit like this post)with more and more cliches, 14 page inserts in papers, live draws for football competitions:OFK Belgrade
(dramatic pause) another ball drawn, versus FC Ashdod. Please stop stop now!!
Sorry about all that but its the start of August and all I hear is talk about the start of the football season

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what a load of rubbish ( chant )

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