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Interstate 684, USA

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I-684 (it's not really an Interstate) runs north-south from Route 84, where it is born as a river from a stream, to the Hutchinson River Parkway and Interstate 287, where it splits in two and ceases to exist as a whole entity. Ninety-eight percent of its length resides in New York State; a small two-mile chunk rests in the north-west corner of Connecticut's lower peninsula in the town of Greenwich, hence the Interstate designation.

That small swathe of the road is unpatrolled by cops.

I-684 is a six-lane road with a sixty-foot central grassy divide for most of its length. As you drive north, the park area diminishes, finally giving way to poured-concrete grey barriers.

This is one of the last remaining 55-mph superhighways in New York State.

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