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The 1 and only Elkherd

Wow! Number one spot on an actual guide entry! Cool!

I havn't been able to play any real (non-computer) rpgs cos all my friends gave up. Anyone in the Harpenden (England) area about wnating a game?


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The 1 and only Elkherd

And number two spot! I could go on...

'Wnating' - curious.


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Great entry! Very informative. I just HAVE to compliment you on your 10-metre tall tentacle beastie. Would have been even scarier if he hadn't brought his teddy bear with him smiley - smiley


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Heimlich Manouevre

Any ideas on the spate of PBEM (Play By Email) role playing games that are going around on the web at the moment. There are literally thousands of them.

I would say that there are many that try the age old AD&D style which i believe has the potential to get bogged down with numbers and dice-rolling. Increasingly, there are a number of more free-form styles of games around that seem to flow much better.

Anyone else have any comments?


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I just want to state, for the record, that I am opposed to RPG's.


Ehem. I'm sorry. I thought we were discussing Rocket Propelled Grenades. Please ignore this message.



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Where exactly in Harpenden...?
I am running a H2G2 roleplaying game on Compuserve's role-playing forum if anyone is interested in hearing any more? I think the story runs to about 350 pages at the moment with various different characters.



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The 1 and only Elkherd

Harpenden is between Luton (stuck up its arse trying to be run-down)and St Albans (stuck up its arse trying to be middle-class), which in turn is twenty miles North of London.

I think there's a page round here somewhere on it...

H2G2 Roleplaying game on compuserve? Tell me more!


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I am just down the road then in Hertford, where I do know of at least one other player!!!
Send me an email with your telephone number!
[email protected]

I have been running a message based role playing game based on the h2g2 universe. I have a few characters playing and it is good fun to play. Some are British, some are American... And 1 german!

I could send you a copy of the story so far, but again, send an email!


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The 1 and only Elkherd

I will indeed. Bit warying of giving my phone number to strangers though. No offence to you.


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Briktal Swiftsword

Rocket Propelled Grenades aint too bad!!!!

WARNING: Not fun if you fire them at your self


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Ossario T'an

Early computer-based RPGs where the die-rolling bogging down drudgery was taken over by the CPU and software were Rogue, Nethack and Moria. these led to a genre of computer-based RPGs known as roguelikes. There are many of these. One that stands out is Angband. It has spawned many variants. Why? Both the game and the source code are Free! -In the public domain! This has led to ports of the original game to just about every platform and operating system around.

Further information and lots of related links is available at this website:



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Jim the Wonder Llama (back from yonder)

I have two friends (both at uni at the mo) who used to play RPGs quite a bit about two years ago. One lives in Old Welwyn and t'other on the north side of Hitchin.


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I'm not really here

Bit late for this forum I know, but never mind. I play a lot of RPGs in Essex, this is not too far from Luton. Well, an hour maybe. Check out http://www.minashouse.co.uk Lands of Mystery for vague info on some of the games we play. We have quite a large circle of RPGers.


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Researcher 125844

how do i join one of these thousands of RPG's that are going on throughout the web,


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Researcher 125844

how would i join this game

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