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Conservation of energy

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In order to properly play theoretical snooker, don't you need to understand the law of conservation of energy as well? If I remember my schoolboy physics many many moons ago, in order to estimate the resulting speeds of both snooker balls after impact you use two principles - the law of conservation of momentum and the law of conservation of energy. The law of conservation of momentum is derivable from Newtons laws, but I don't thing the energy law is. Or is it?

Conservation of energy

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Researcher 51021

Is this why I always lose at theoretical snooker? Or is it that I'm not holding my theoretical cue properly?

Conservation of energy

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Ah yes, you must be the chap who holds his cue like a theoretical baseball bat!

Conservation of energy

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You're right, conservation of momemtum DOES come from newton whilst conservation of energy is something different. And yes both are relevant to theoretical snooker as is another much overlooked law which is newtons experimental law of restitution. This basically describes how to calculate the relative velocities based on the (hardness of the) materials involved (playing with balls made of porridge would be quite difficult). This is essential if your positonal play is going to be any good.

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