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I think: smaller is better

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In no small measure due to the Radio Series, I'm a big fan of (really) portable computers. In the 90's I bought a PoqetPC (and wrote "Don't Panic" on the cover) and loved it. The screen was, however, coupled to the keyboard/Computer with a ribbon cable; when that broke it was all over. Anyway, last year I got a Zaurus. It's like a PDA but is really a computer. It runs Linux and has programs very much like MS Word and Excel. It does wireless stuff (with the right extra bits) but I don't. I use it as a computer and I recommend it to all who want to up+side grade. It sort of takes the pain out of upgrades, at least for a while. There's no hard disk; just solid state memory. Upgrades take the form of bigger compact flash or secure digital (like what goes in a digital camera) cards. Every once in a while Sharp comes up with a better OS and that requires a little dexterity to load but not so much as to be daunting.

On the down side, the built-in keyboard is tiny and so is the screen.

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I think: smaller is better

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