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Western arrogance

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Leons Online Ego

It is incredible that just because Christopher Columbus (or his actual non-anglicised name Cristobal Colon) stumbled across America in a albeit bold act of serendipity he is merited with discovering the place. This totally western-centric view of history and the world at large is indicative of our arrogance and assumed superiority to all other cultures and civilisations.

Imagine an alien culture landing on our planet and announcing that they've discovered a planet, all us little humans shaking our fists at them asking how dare they, we were here first!

Western arrogance

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Gnomon - time to move on

I think that was the main point of this entry. smiley - ok

Western arrogance

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Leons Online Ego

Cool, just thought I'd vent my spleen on the subject.

Consider my spleen vented.

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Western arrogance

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