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The Templars

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Great article!
I have also heard a most interesting theory that an expedition of Templar Knights, led by Henry Sinclair (Famed Scottish Templar who is said to have salvaged and hidden much of the treasure and artifacts of the Templars after they were routed by the forces of the Pope in France in the early 1200s) reached what is now Nova Scotia at least 250 years before Columbus. This came from research published in the wake of the popular books by Baigent, Lincoln, and Leigh, and claimed that the Holy Grail had been transported to the "New World" for safe keeping as the Scottish Templars were under investigation and attack. I remember that the theory presented explanations for the remains of a fortress/castle in Nova Scotia( with a rubble foundation similar to those found at Glastonbury), and even the famous "Money-pit" on Oak Island in Mahoney Bay, as possible resting places for the Grail. It also linked Mic Mac accounts of the comming of Glooscap, and attendant adventures, with the arrival of Sinclair's ship(s).
Makes your head hurt, doesn't it?
Be happy in your work,

The Templars

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Gnomon - time to move on

I forgot about the Templars! smiley - doh I should have known they'd be at the centre of any amazing theories. smiley - winkeye

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