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Baron Grim

Two and a half years ago, when I attended the 2014 Manchester Meet, I was optimistic that good changes were in the works. Since then the only thing that seems to have happened is a lot of time and effort were spent thwarting a hacker with possibly benign but misguided intentions.

I have seen literally no evidence of any improvements, just bandages applied to some server issues.

It appears that while there are some valiant volunteers keeping this place limping along, there is no one at the helm and we've just been set adrift. I assume they've determined this place will never be financially viable and have decided not to invest any new resources toward repairing and improving the site. It's been abandoned. At best it's on life support waiting pending an inevitable death.

I won't smiley - elvis. But I suspect that if this place is still here for its and my 20th Hootooversary, it will be a lonely party.

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It's a bit sad, but it looks like the reality is that this place simply doesn't have the resources to compete with other platforms online, and probably never will. We've had one or two occasions in the past when it's been 'plucked out of the fire' after a call to arms and a rally-round by users, former users, and wider well-wishers - but that is never going to work indefinitely.

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