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I have a baby....

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

I have a baby in my office...

One of my coworkers, who's on maternity leave, stopped by today to tie some things up, and dropped her sleeping newborn off with me for a little while so that she could run around and get some things done. (I virtually never leave my desk, don't get phone calls, and keep my office pretty cave-like, so obviously a happening place for sleeping babies. Although, people also drop their dogs off with me on occasion, but that's another story).

Anyway, I just can't get over how precious she is. I mean, I've been taking care of kids forever -- babysitting, nannying, running the infant rooms in day care centers -- but have never felt the urge to have one of my own as strongly as I do right now.

And clearly, there has to be some biological basis for all of this. I mean, tha baby is doing things that I would never find appealing in anyone older -- making spit bubbles, grunting in her sleep, making intensely bizarre faces. And yet I feel undeniably gooey inside.

I'm single, and may well always be so. I had always figured that if I was still single by the time I could afford to buy my own house, that I would look into adopting an older child or two. But in this moment, right now, I just can't imagine going through my whole life without this. At the same time, though, dealing with a newborn is difficult, challenging, stressful, and exhausting enough when you have two adults at home -- I don't see how I could ever do it on my own.

I have a baby....

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Oooh a baby..

I seem to get the same feelings when my flatmates two year old neice comes to stay.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

smiley - cuddle

I have a baby....

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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

Oooh a baby! I can relate to the feelings your describing, Mikey. I can't help saying "awwwwww" and getting all warm and mushy inside when I'm around babies myself.

Tick... tick... tick... smiley - winkeye

It *is* incredibly hard to raise a child on your own, though, I know many who've done it. I know you'd be a good mother, even if it was exhausting, and a very loving one. I wish you luck, whatever you decide to do, as well.

I have a baby....

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psychocandy - Moderation Team Leader

smiley - doh That "your" should read "you're"!! I've never done *that* before... must be spending too much time on the 'net. smiley - ermsmiley - online2long

I have a baby....

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I'm sorry, but I have seen so many ugly babies. (yeah , I'm a guy) but I will not apologize. No they dont necesarily grow up to be ugly but so many of them start out that way. Mother's attachment to their infants is the only thing that keep the human race from dying off.

I've had three with my wife, they're all teenagers now and talk about headaches!

I have a baby....

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Have the baby again today. smiley - magic

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I have a baby....

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