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There is already an Entry on my favourite group - Queen A3507879 - so I shall write a Journal post about my first visit to the Queen Convention instead.

I have been a Queen Fan since 1995, when I rediscovered their Greatest Hits. I knew live gigs were not for me, as the music was sure to be played at top volume, so it would be too much. The Queen Convention seemed a bit different, as there were a variety of activities as well as the parties every night, but still I wasn't sure if it was for me.

In 2003, I finally plucked up courage to give it a try - on a sunny Friday evening in May, my mum and I set off for Prestatyn, neither one of us admitting quite how daunted we were by the prospect...

When we arrived at the Holiday Camp that was to be our home for the next three nights, after inadvertently taking the long way round on the coast road, we were greeted at the gate by wardens with wristbands. Suitably ID'd, we proceeded to Reception. It seemed like there were hundreds of people there who had all been to the Convention before so knew exactly what they were doing, unlike us. Eventually we reached the front of the queue and booked in, picked up our keys, cards, t-shirts, map, programme, etc, etc and headed for our chalet.

We still felt a bit apprehensive, but once we had worked out how to use the cooker, rustled up a pasta dinner and cracked open the wine, we were raring to go - just in time to find the Ballroom for the Welcome Meeting.

Jacky and Val and the other organisers were on the stage to greet us, and we saw the welcome message from Brian May. Then the loud party started, so we withdrew to our chalet for the night.

The next day was when we entered Queen World proper - there were Queen videos on the TV when we woke up, there was Queen music in the cafe when we had breakfast, there was Queen music in the shop when we went to buy provisions, there was Queen merchandise in the marketplace, there were Queen questions in the Quiz, and all the special guests were talking about Queen!

We hardly had time to sit down for the next two days, as we went from activity to activity, immersing ourselves in Queen music, videos and history and having a great time, so we didn't need to worry about not liking the evening gigs, as there was plenty for us to do.

In spite of (or perhaps because of) being so daunted before we arrived, we thoroughly enjoyed the event - so much so that we went to the Convention again the next year!

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Thank you for your excellent post..

(noted and added to roll of honor).

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Got the Music in You? - Create June

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