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Well, I've missed being able to pop into Hootoo for the last fortnight more than I would have expected. But what a relief to be able to return to the site and find it - in the best possible way - almost indistinguishable from how it always used to be.

Certainly both Hootoo and myself are in happier places than seemed possible back at the beginning of the year. (Does this mean I wasted all those hours spent laboriously transferring the 24LAS archive onto my blog, a small tetchy internal voice enquires. Shush, voice.)

And so I find myself wondering, not for the first time - as someone with a fairly demanding job and an ongoing commitment to a high-intensity diploma course, what's the best way I can make a contribution to the success of the site, beyond the traditional comedy film reviews? There's a poser and no mistake. All advice gratefully received...

...and exhale.

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aka Bel - A87832164

You could join Polyglot Plaza as a translator once we've set it up and running. It's currently only planned, there are so many more urgent things right now, but I'm hoping to introduce it soon. smiley - smiley

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Well, I'm not remotely fluent in any language other than English, but other than that I'm game! smiley - biggrin

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Keep writing your lovely columns. Well, just keep writing, really. That's what we're about, after all. smiley - smiley

And I for one quite enjoy your movie reviews.

smiley - fairy

...and exhale.

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Secretly Not Here Any More

I've been pondering the same things myself. How best to dive back in?

...and exhale.

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Mrs Zen

PR is the place. But PR won't be the ONLY place. Folks are working on building up other kinds and genres alongside PR. But the thing is, PR is there right now. The others are on their way....

It is SO nice not to be working on The Move any more! smiley - somersault

...and exhale.

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h2g2 Guide Editors

The Guide needs fresh writing, really. We would welcome this more than anything else. We want to enable a much easier system, more inclusive with a much more positive public face.

Too long has Peer Review suffered from neglect and disillusioned authors. So, as well as new blood ( from our writers point of view) we also need people to visit and comment on each other's work. There is nothing so dispiriting as to write something and cast it into an apparent void.

Also, we get thousands of readers daily - and this is something *big* to think about.

h2g2 Guide Editors

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