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I am alarmed to see it's been nearly a year since my last journal entry. Well, slightly surprised. Well, not even that.

Anyway, for this reason, and also because it's just possible someone occasionally pops in who I know from the Old Days wondering what I'm up to, and because this is listed as my homepage on at least one other website >ahem< F*c*B**k >cough<, here's a bit of an update.

Currently in Chiba, Japan, teaching English (fairly badly) and trying to get to know the country (even worse). Should be coming back to the UK briefly at the end of the year then (fingers crossed) looking for another teaching job in Europe or around the Med.

I really don't do very much on h2g2 any more, which I occasionally feel bad about, but writing Post articles is awkward for technical reasons plus the film release schedules are so wacky over here... I try to keep up with any conversations aimed at me, if that's any consolation. Probably not. Never mind.


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Anoldgreymoonraker Free Tibet

It would be nice if you did post here what you have experienced living in Japan or even about your job here,
I'm sure their are a lot of people all over the world considering coming here to teach and you could give some first hand advice to them smiley - winkeye

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