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End all war

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I woke up this morning about four o'clock and couldn't get back to sleep for a wonderful idea that I had for ending all war.

Pass a law to change only one word and only when used in a particular context. Change the word 'spend' to 'earn' when discussing military matters. For instance, newspaper copy would have to say things like 'Parliament voted today to increase defense earnings by 60%' or 'The Pentagon earned $666 billion this year fighting terrorists'

There just seems to be something about taxpayer psychology that makes them strangely blind to what happens to their money. When you write a cheque to the taxman or look at the withholding on your pay, you think of the money as simply disappearing. You moan about it going into a hole in the ground or flying off into space. In fact, every penny of those funds is carefully counted and then ends up in someones pocket. If you would only follow the money, you would know who actually runs your country.

It's become accepted that the Bush Presidency is the worst in American history. Nonsense. Seen from the perspective of those who installed him in the White House, Dubya's has been the most spectacularly successful.

I wish there was something like Bush Inc. on the stock market. I would have bought some.smiley - smiley

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End all war

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