This is a Journal entry by Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

For as I know (I was not here at the time) the movement against the restrictions the Beep set upon this site smiley - senior

I came aboard shortly after they were embodied by the Community Editors
leaving the Assistent Community Editors in their wake.

If you can not beat them join them.

Even though the ACEs were rather disappointing at some time the Gurus were not, especially not My Guru smiley - grovel Pheloxy. smiley - rose

Though we disagreed more oftne then not I still feel much more admiration for him (Peter) then for any of the ACEs of my encounter in that era.

I am sure he smiley - yikesed several of my entries however he rewarded me eventuallty with < A19311626 > something I am wearing with any pride a Researcher for the Guide can have

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs the Sockpuppet of smiley - tit


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Icy North

The spooky thing is that of the 20 people who still regularly post here, 11 are sockpuppets. smiley - ghost


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs with a cap on both his heads
"I concider any Researcher a unique entity as long as they adhere to itsmiley - zen. "

Traveller in Time smiley - tit looking at his Personal Space
"I think I managed to exaggerate that a bit as well as using only one account to represent several personalities.

I do remember smiley - blush a time using some five accounts to boost a campaign. smiley - magic"


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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

I've been guilty of that myself smiley - blush


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool odd Guy smiley - cogs old and stubborn
"Still trying to figure out this Pliny.

The more I see of the site the more I get the impression it is about how to w**k around, rather then w**k with it.

I do not need a list to figure out three major points.
Links and submit
smiley - cdouble yes these are the three major points.
< A520769 > 'The Revolution will not be Teletubbied' "

Traveller in Time smiley - tit no longer complaining
"Posting a commercial on site seems to be allowed ? "


Post 6

Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit confused
"Just as I posted this one of the commercials was removed. smiley - weird"


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Crude odd Guy smiley - cogs too many smiley - stiffdrinksmiley - stiffdrink
"Another Cool feature of Pliny;

Actually something I did not like at the Beep
'I am Cool old Guy, I am not Cool Old Guy, if you are not Cool old Guy [press this button]' or something like that.

There I did get some smiley - headhurts from the am 'am I this or am I not this' confliction.

Now I can not see: 'who I am' (I do not care to be not ...)

I had rather seeing (at any page) You are 'Cool Old Guy' and you are 'replying to'/ 'reading'/ 'listing the Forum of' ...

All text is sufficient (but the Journals) only who am I? I have to check my PS to know who I am. "

Traveller in Time smiley - tit catching revenue (?)
"Noticed only the FP does always gets an extra, where the entries or conversations most often not catch a fitting or any extra.
This Posting will shows now 'Removed' and 'Hidden' in Pliny smiley - winkeye
(If this does not make sense it may be due to some smiley - pggb) "


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs on his head
"Con not really bother anymore, the current delayed posting session is taking over 13 hours.

Not that it really could bother me, as much as the others in the conversations are also tired of the delay. I effectively ruined some threads by posting and assuming some of it would get published in a 'reasonable' number of hours. Apparentlty my assumption of reasonable differs from them checking the Queue."


Post 9

Milla, h2g2 Operations

Hi again,
as you may remember we have no paid staff here. All volunteers work at their own pace, in their own timezones. Just a friendly reminder smiley - smiley
smiley - towel


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs not agitated in any way
"I know and I remember. Just most often the postings do only 'make _my_ reply redundant' when it is two hours delayed. Any more and the entire conversation falls appart. (certainly some 15 hours)"


Post 11

There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Cool old Gosho smiley - cogs also not agitated in any way and patiently waiting for Cool old Guy's posts to reappear and to reply to them.


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

smiley - laughsmiley - roflsmiley - somersault

Cool old Guy smiley - cogssmiley - running over the floor
"Glad you also enjoy this experience in some ways smiley - biggrin"


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs calculating flares in the cloud
"As far as I know no self respecting content provider would allow the use of most privacy keeping proxy servers.

A proxy server is something you 'hide' behind, most likely as you are knowingly doing something that is not entirely within all the rules and regulations. Or at least doing something you yourself would not like to be associated with. A user wanting to remain anonymous is not a bad thing, it does give rise to some question marks however.

It functions quite similar to your home network, connecting over a single address with the internet. You hide behind your access point preventing 'the internet' to see the actual computer you are using. The router also keeps unrequested access outside. (Last time I checked I had several hundred unsollicitated access requests in a couple of hours.)

Actually h2g2 is doing similar, the Database server is 'hiding' behind the cloud. This is not as it should not be found, rather then to prevent known offenders to target it, the cloud will bounce them off. Also this cloud stretches over the entire planet, this makes anywhere close to the database. The only disadvantage is the extra time dilution. It used to be normal to see a message appear 'just now' in the list and on opening the page you would find a message of minutes old.

Ranting on, the first look I had of this content distribution network was they were assumed not beeing very respectable. The cloud seems to be hosting smiley - pirate sites.

Have a look at the wiki article about h2g2 if you would like to see my IP address. (I posted it once on the hub and while my ISP blew up some services I have a new one, still referring to the old one however smiley - biggrin.)"


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs not trying to impersonate Operations, just as for noticing a fancy smiley
"We are some 72 hour further again.

Apparently I managed to stick my nose in a hornets nest with a posting about a lost website smiley - sorry (I miss some 5 years of backlog still working on it.) And in some context my 'funny' decoration can also fall rather bad. (The 'old team' used the expression on many an occasion, see 'versions' on the hub.)

As stated on my PS I am a sockpuppet while there are some technical defects with my main account (as well as it made the CoGs smiley - weird)

As I noticed my other accounts are now also in pre-mod. smiley - ok Well, this means someone does read what I try to write smiley - zen.

I still have to state the moderation managed to insult me in more then one way, perhaps they should compare their instructions against the house rules (and punishments) as well, there appear to be some mutual omissions in either.

If this site is just to generate an Encyclopedia, it is fine with me. For what I remember (and see smiley - lurking the shadows) there was a community here. I had to read some dictionary to find out what whimsical could be about. (Some reply in a previous Journal)

As stated on my personal space I do support the Volunteers and owners of this site, I appreciate their efforts and involvement.

smiley - cheers

smiley - titsmiley - cogssmiley - tardis"


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Crude odd Guy smiley - cogs doing some measurements
"I _calculated_ some statistics to get an idea of the number of postings per day.

Year 2011

11200 june
9281 july
9655 august
9550 september

That was included the other messageboards

1183 october
1172 november
878 december

Year 2012

892 januari
729 februari
548 march
549 april
484 may
405 june
365 july
374 august
355 september
384 october
445 november
356 december

Year 2013

352 januari
351 februari
403 march
427 april
358 may
317 june
281 july
272 august
239 september
228 october
444 november
252 december

Year 2014

232 januari
295 februari
223 march
251 april
267 may
242 june
225 july
222 august
219 september
260 october
318 november
211 december

Year 2015

197 januari
173 februari
203 march
179 april
227 may

This took me about 50 pageviews, no smiley - hamsters, , smiley - badgers, smiley - cogs were harmed for sure smiley - biggrin

These rounded average postings per day are included the automated messages, ACEings, and perhaps some removed spam. "


Post 16

Milla, h2g2 Operations

I would be interested to know how you found those numbers smiley - smiley

smiley - towel


Post 17

Icy North

Postings have a unique number. When you reply to one it includes its number in the URL you send.

I've generated this URL to reply to your message:


Post 18

Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs still calculating
"Historic Era (TDV registered) Researchers contributed 4014 Edited Entries.
Middle Age (Beep Registered) Researchers contributed 4397 Edited Entries.
Modern Age (NPL Registered) Researchers contributed 10 Edited Entries (all but one smiley - elvished).

Not included are collaborate and non credited Edited Entries smiley - weird.

I keep finding (dated) positive formulated postings in Journals by (former ?) volunteers about the Consortium to stand for the open and friendly site we are and to keep the community running (growing).
However I feel something like 'I am beeing fooled with' with most of the new Researchers as they more or less find out some information is withheld from them smiley - spider. Though that is rather an insider versus outsider effect, it is not even as kleekery as 'We have never acted bad.' by some Researchers as I recently experienced.

Currently we are at 182.09 postings per day, I cannot make these figures any more positive. There is a drop of 2 percent each month. smiley - wah

Other statistics drown in insufficient low numbers . . .

Some h2g2 database principles:
Any normal entry (A12345678) has a Forum (F12345678), on such Forums anyone can start a Thread (T1234567) {conversation}, with a Thread-name giving Posting (P123456789), the postings are numbered in the thread in sequence of reaching the database.
Once an Entry has been created it has a Forum attached to it. Any posting_to_this_Forum creates a Thread, any additional postings to such Thread are connected as knotted to this thread.
After 42 days the posting gets a real date. Some Threads last over a decade of postings, most only last several days.

I am at best a former Guru, still I have a fair knowledge of how this site (technically) sticks together.

Whatever I make a SEP for, apparently it is not HooToo. I still care for this unregarded and unreferenced little part of the internet. Anybody can make an Encyclopedia, no-one can make a HooToo.
I do not have enough tabs in my browsers to keep open all entries - in desperate need of some attention or comment. As well as for some skin to get a real refurbishment. smiley - sadfacesmiley - skull"


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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Crude old Guy smiley - cogs with too many smiley - pggbs
"'Language it is a virus.' (listening to Laurie Anderson - United States I to IV) (One of all, non british poetry.)

It is a threat, it is a way of communication. smiley - oribsmiley - biro

Yet still it is just a sequence of characters, if you have to check every second word . . .

Even many journals (exept for 2legs), I have to, at least check, to confirm the meaning of the keywords, used by the contributants.

Do not 'Count me out.', as in do not concider me to give up trying to get the message over.

Even while I try to set the statistics as positive as possible I keep reading 98 percent at best (at least 81 percent, concidering that a temporary glitch) {a month, at least one measurement unit we 'all' agree on}. Though I still would prefer to use the Danda (42 days) as this seems to be the time scale the Guide uses anyways,

Oh, how I wish there was a Community to react. . .

We do not have much time anymore, about one year then all we have left is a pliny future. "


Post 20

Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs trying not to hit the post button
"We are currently at 178.7 postings per day smiley - sadface

Some statistics just do not add up . . .

According to the info page 270k unedited entries !
Estimate there are some 500k pages (raw, edited, user, conversation lists and conversations)

Say there are some 100k valid User Pages (h2g2 registration) about 200 are hit every twenty minutes according to the defective online page. This may be defect for who is online however there is a certain relation between visiting the User Page and appearing on the list. (There are always 100 to 500 names !) (the retention is 20 minutes ! this was 15 minutes)

There are estimated some five times more pages then user pages.
This gives some 1000 pages requested every twenty minutes underestimate to 80k page hits every day (for Ripley). (Only the exclamated values are measured all other values are reduced to prevent over estimation.)

Alexa and other site statistics suggest we get 40k page hits each day.
I can not find any search engine promoting Ripley, all default to Pliny, still does not add up. smiley - weird
These sites also suggest the current visitors are for 37 percent from the United States, some 30 percent from India and some 20 percent form Brittish. "

Key: Complain about this post


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