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I don't do Christmas

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I should have spent the day on college work; instead I decided I needed to clean and tidy the house before I could concentrate on that. So I caught up on my Middle-earth playlist from Point North Media while washing up, cleaning floors, and moving furniture around. It's not quite finished (all the boxes of books are still in the middle of the kitchen floor, but I know where they will go, and once it's done I'll have significantly more floorspace and easier access to my bed.

Unfortunately, at the stage I left it, there was no access to the oven, and I really couldn't be bothered moving everything to clear it, so I had a cold meal last night. Ah well.

Christmas is a strange time of year.

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I don't do Christmas

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

I'm putting forth a strong effort to not do Christmas (and my birthday) anymore. I have to do a little bit though, sharing property with the parents (I rent). I did manage almost, but not entirely, get everyone else to ignore my birthday, so that went well.

I've had to take off the last week and a half of this year and what I'm really struggling to do is get out of the smiley - bleep house! I'm fighting a deep bout of depression and I think I'm coming out the other end of it as I've put a moratorium on self pity (the ugliest indulgence) but I just haven't got my motivation back yet.

So, foul weather be damned... I'm getting out of the house now, damn it! I'll take my camera and drive around until something strikes me.

I don't do Christmas

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Getting out of the house really helps. So does getting out of bed in the morning. Christmas Day was damp and dreary, but I went for a walk anyway. Today was better.

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I don't do Christmas

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Walking always helps. Dogs keep you alive.

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I don't do Christmas

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