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I have an interview! For a job in Glasgow! Within walking distance of my house. And it is a job I can even do!
The interview is on Monday and, as I have not been to an interview in over six years, I expect to spend most of the weekend fretting about it. Still, what ever happens it is good practise and, as I currently between projects at work, I don't even have to make up some non existent Doctor's appointment to hide the fact. smiley - smiley


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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Bonne Chance my friend!


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Zantic - Who is this woman??

That's great Munchkin. smiley - goodluck and now I'm definately comming to celebrate the last night of the proms - if only to help prevent your frets! smiley - winkeye

Zantic smiley - dragon


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Best of luck, Munchkin. smiley - goodluck


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - goodlucksweetie!smiley - ok

*fingers crossed*

*toes crossed*

*legs crossed*

*falls over*

smiley - injured


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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Yay! Good luck Excellency!


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You can call me TC

You'll do brilliantly. Don't underestimate yourself. Most of the other candidates are probably totally underqualified or otherwise unsuitable.

You don't need any advice, but I would just suggest keeping a low profile for the first couple of minutes to see what the tone of the conversation is like before you. These days, an interview might not mean stern 60-year-old suits are checking you out for your pleases and thankyous, as well as your abilities. Could be a 20 year old chit of a girl with dreadlocks. If it's either, just imagine they're the other. Well, perhaps not.

And any of those other things like "lean forward to create the impression that you are interested" or "copy their gestures to create an impression that you're like them" .... they just don't work if you're only trying to "create and impression". As Dogbert said to Dilbert: "Act naturally" - Which totally flummoxed Dilbert, beings as it's an oxymoron.

You have intelligence, wit and charm. You are exactly the right age, and you ar obviously perfectly qualified. Don't be afraid to show it.


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smiley - blush


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Good luck!


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I hope you can work out that this is the job you want and that they are canny enough to work out that you're the chap to do it for them!

Best of luck my friend smiley - smiley


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Also Ran1-hope springs eternal

Dear Munchkin,

If you want the job you will get it!!. I am sure of that!!

All thoughts with you at the Proms - hope you enjoy it.

Today I was discharged from the weekly two hourly sessions at the hospital - to continue the course on my own at home.

You can tell my darling smiley - dragon that it is a course designed by a New Zealand physiotherapist so that people can "balance" themselves. (perhaps it is because they live on the bottom side of the world that they are able to do courses like that!!)

the head physiotherapist kept exclaiming

"It's miraculous!
"It's a miracle"

when I showed off my ability to walk (with two walking sticks admittedly"") to the aged class.!! they were all such dear people but unutterably sad people. And they were all so thrilled about my being able to walk.

I remembered my darling Dick's saying

"Getting old is not for sissies"..

"C.est vrai"!!

"Bonne chance pour Lundi"

AR1 smiley - schooloffish


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You can call me TC

O gosh - Also Ran. You really are an encouragement to people. That cheered me up a lot, reading how well you're doing and how you're defeating science. smiley - cheers


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Metal Chicken

Hope all goes well for you on Monday smiley - oksmiley - goodluck

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