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my summer holidays

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I must be about half way through my summer holidays. I have just reached the point where they are starting to zip by far too fast.
I have done a lot of reading. I have done a lot of tidying. Where does all this junk in my house come from? I think I single handedly keep the charity shops in stuff to sell.
Went to a wedding the other week. Had venison for the first time. What else? Oh yeah - had a BBQ. Weeeeellll, it *is* the summer in the UK. Had firebreathers which was funky. And rain which was inevitable.
Bought a printer. It might not sound like much but it is the only part of my computer stuff that actually belongs to me, the rest of it ie monitor, computer, speakers, mouse, keyboard, christ, even the bloody wires, all belong to the BF and his mates. Actually the speakers may be mine too.
Also. Have watched a lot of Goodies, which I was surprised to see have stood the test of time very well and are still funny and some of the politics can be applied to today too. Incredible I thought.
Been playing a lot of Unreal Tournement and Spyro. Weird combination I know I know.
Had nephews and neices to stay. Enables me to blackmail family members for babysitting at later dates Haha!

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