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Life, Love and Stuff

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I'm new so I ain't going to become all deep and meaningful just yet - if ever........
But life is such a funny old thing...There you go for two score years plus, bumbling along minding your own business, or so you think, and then suddenly it hits you.......and it's "Oh heck How an earth did I get here?" Because actually you thought you were going somewhere else entirely. So you try and regroup bit suddenly the landmarks have changed and its all different.

Life, Love and Stuff

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Hi Crimson - welcome to HooToo.

I know what you mean about life sneaking up on you. My wife showed me a photo she took of me sitting typing replies on hootoo. I had absolutely no idea my hair was almost totally grey at the sides. You don't see that bit in the mirror. I've been depressed for days now, (seriously!). I'm only 39 but I feel so old.

Life, Love and Stuff

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My dear, I have been stumbling around for three score years and still none the wiser;if anything I have got dafter.My motto in life is......
Work as if you don't need the money,love as if you have never been hurt and dance as if no one's lookingsmiley - seniorsmiley - biggrinsmiley - cheers

Life, Love and Stuff

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Good motto methinks

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