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i have a girlfriend now. you know that girl i was talking about before? the one i met online? yea, that didn't work out. she had to move home to europe. i was depressed about that for awhile. then i met beth. i met her online too. the internet can be anonymous, but it can also be so much more, if you just have a little faith. she only lives about 60 miles from me (20 when i go home from college and have a car to get to her) but it is still really hard. handling long distance relationships is not an easy task. you have been warned.

anyway, i thought of another new england slang word. bubbler. no one has any clue what a bubbler is outside of new england. a bubbler is a water fountain. so when someone says "i'm gonna go use the wata bubbla," (that's with the boston accent) don't look at them funny. cause now you know. and knowing is half the battle.

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