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i'm such a dork. i was hanging out all day with this chick i met online. how pathetic is that? i mean really. well, that is the only actual dorky part. it was fun. she's pretty cool. she found me through a random aim find buddy thing on wednesday. she goes to umass amherst and was coming to boston this weekend. we were gonna go to the axis, but it was gay night (she has a gay friend at tufts), so i didn't want to go. we decided on lunch today. which lasted til about 6:30. she knows boston better than i do, but she lived here for a month and went all over the city.

i missed a job interview, so i have to wake up early and have the interview before classes tomorrow. but i was too late getting back today to get the form i needed. so tomorrow morning i gotta go like a mile away, get the form, i think that place opens at 9 (incidentally, the time when my interview is), and i gotta rush back and be late for my interview. then i got psych at 10, and a calc test at 11. woe is me. i'm pretty sure i already got the job though. not like you need a perfect record to check people's bags at the library.

anyway. me and sarah. i thought it was like a date, but i guess it wasn't to her. or something. we had one of those really deep conversations where you really get to know someone. i shoulda made a move. a quote in 3 kings really got to me. "do the stuff you're scared shit-less of now, and get the courage for it later." i gotta learn. she made me promise to ask someone out on a date this week. and i made her promise to stop smoking for a few hours. so wish me luck.

ok, i got an italian dialogue to study. i'll let you know what's up.

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