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awoken as usual by two normaly agile athlectic life forms walking up and down my body produceing sensations not unlike being trampeded by a herd of stampedeing elephants,its strange how a life form that can be so light on its feet to appear to travel by slideing just above the ground at sometimes light speed when a nano second before it appeared to be comatose .
haveing got the subtle message that food was the reason that i was being pummeled into the matteress i got up and attempted to get to the kitchen without tripping over the balls of fur acting like guide dogs running to and from the kitchen in case i forgot where the food was.


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logicus tracticus philosophicus

smiley - book


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Fari B

nice way to be woken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

My cat sayd mrrreeOW and is very insistant to be fed.

but she doesnt dare come up to wake me!
City cat, fat cat.
smiley - rocket


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logicus tracticus philosophicus

hi fari little present for you
you may find use full you can use MP251131 as link in itsselfsmiley - ok

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