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In Memory of Yasser Arafat

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I give my condolences to the Palestinian people and the Arafat family following the death on 11 November 2004 of Palestinian President (since 1996) and PLO chairman (since 1969) Yasser Arafat aka Abu Ammar. He was a guerrilla leader and a resistance fighter who never gave up fighting for a Palestinian state, and failed to surrender at Camp David in 1999 when Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak offered him a Bantustan solution ignoring the right to return of the millions of Palestinian refugees and the occupation of East Jerusalem.

I hope the new PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen will continue the struggle throgh armed and non-violent resistance--and through negotiations if possible--to liberate Palestine from Israeli colonial occupation.

I despair of US President George W. Bush claiming he supports (as has every other US president) the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as he continues to send $12 million a day in financial and military aid to the aggressive colonial occupying power: propping up their economy since tourism dried up; and subsisidising their brutal, murderous, torturing military and security forces, their illegal occupation, demolition of Palestinian houses and building of illegal Jewish colonial settlements.

Not to mention Bush's endorsement of the Butcher of Sabra and Chatila, Ariel Sharon's plan to annex colonies on the West Bank with the help of the apartheid wall after turning Gaza into a massive open air prison, by withdrawing soldiers and colonists but apparently maintaing control of the airspace, ports, and the border with Egytian Sinai.

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In Memory of Yasser Arafat

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