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So what actually IS going on?
World-wide we are all suffering from the repercussions of the September 11th disaster. Looks like an Afghan is less valuable than an American, eh? Dont get me wrong though, I applaud both sides. Nothing like the bad guy to keep the
governments and churches in control.
But down here in the depths of Bristol, we are all well and truly active. Well I would have been last night if the old sinuses hadnt packed in. Ones own world only stops for a few things : gratification, cold weather, good music and illness.
Pathetic I know.

Whats making my clique buzz however, is the prospect of relationships. Somehow the hunting gene has kicked in and we are all out on the prowl...yikes, thats a scary thought. Beware all metal-boys of Bristol...especially those that frequent the Mandrake club...! Nice place that. Good atmosphere, music and cheap alcohol. Cheap door price too.

Anything else. This week I've mostly been listening to specific album though. System of a Down's "Toxicity" album was leant to me yesterday. All is good. This time next week I will be at the Fleece, boogying away to Rachel Stamp and Halo...two of my favorite bands of which I DONT own music.
Me and my clique keep on bumping into Robin from Rachel Stamp...he's great. Give you a hug and a wink anytime smiley - smiley

Thats about it really. Its Sunday! What do you expect?

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Current events...

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