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Confusing Manifestation

Well, since this is my journal, I may as well set a little ground rule, based on my belief system:

Do I belive God exists?

Yes. No. Maybe. I believe in the possibility of a God existing (not sure which one). So, technically, I believe that any God has a chance, I just don't think that it's any one in particular. There are quite a few with very slim odds, the Christian God being one of them.

Because of this, I don't mind anyone telling me about their religion, as long as (and I'm sure a lot of people feel this way) they don't try and tell me how I can be a part of it, especially if this means being on either the giving or receiving end of a sacrifice.

Still, may whichever God / Gods / Goddess or whatever is yours be with you. And may pure chance cause unforseen results.

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Is mise Duncan

Aha - this is the "multiple stained glass window" problem of religion.
We are probably all looking at the same thing - all the religions, spiritualists, humanists etc. but we're all looking through different stained glass windows. Unfortunately we are so fixated on proving that our own stained glass window is the one that is clearest that we have forgotten about what is actually behind the window.

However, this too may be gibberish....
(and I got an error - so it might be repeated gibberish)


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Confusing Manifestation

Unfortunately, to follow your analogy, I think that the Christian's window is a little dusty, and the light's getting warped. I say this because I reckon I could find a way to accomodate a large number of religions into letting lots of people into heaven / nirvana / whatever, but you hit Christianity and it's "Worship no other gods but me, for I am a jealous God ..." and a large number of inconsistencies if you want to consider the Bible as an accurate reference. I find it difficult to believe that any God that actually existed would not allow the greatest number of people to be saved. Especially since there's all that stuff in there about how much God loved the world, yet let all those people be condemned because of an oversight he apparently made despite his omnicognisance (sp?).

Once again, apologies to Christians, especially those who actually use the old "But the Bible is all a big metaphor" excuse.

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