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More on the @***!! Virago

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Ok, she got me back from work on the 21st of December on 1 cylinder, in the rain, which was a mildly traumatic experience. Went to mechanic's on the 3rd - he had to pick her up as she wouldn't start. He couldn't find anything in particular wrong but got her running OK so I picked her up at the weekend, she seemed OK. But would she start this morning? Oh no. Well, actually she would, but only after a battle, and then she kept cutting out. So it's back to the doctor's for the bike and cadging lifts to work for me for a few days. If anyone can recommend a bike which runs all year round in all weather without rotting to pieces, let me know!! Oh, and Happy New Year to anyone who happens across this...

Trash Tha Pig

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California Dreamer

Know why Brits drink warm beer??
Lucas Electrics...
Go Little Honda
First Gear-Hang on Tight
2nd Gear-Lean Right
3rd Gear-She's alright!
FASTER...IT'S ALL NIGHT!!! smiley - run

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