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Im Back

Post 1


They locked me up.
They welded the lock.
The key was made of gold.
In a misunderstanding it was turned to lead.
It was used in a battery.

But im here.
I the minor deity of parity bits
Lord of dimension 5.5
and wench25 (apparently her best number)

Born of dead stars
I have been around in one form or another since the begining of time.

Im Back.

or My net privilages were removed.

Im Back

Post 2


smiley - erm

I thought from the first three lines it was a poem.

They locked me up,
They welded the lock,
The key was made of gold.
The walls were damp,
The floor was hard,
The jailor he was old.

But now I'm free,
Yes - it is me,
My privilege restored.
How I broke away
I will not say,
But the key is my reward!

JTsmiley - cat

Im Back

Post 3

Elwyn_Centauri, geAt (O+ THS)

smiley - applause Welcome back!

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