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You'll Never Keep Me Down

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I love a Brit band called Chumbawamba. They speak to me of crossing lines for all the right reasons. Just like Diana did once. And others.

I am of that type. I am a 55 year old sort and after 30 years in a business profession I am quitting the whole damned thing and turning back to social services - here in the awful US of A with Idiot in charge. Damn it!

So I now have a Blog which is starting to ge some attention called - you will like this! - The Pubhouse Dialogues. There I am Arrietty with her sassy Blog The Velvet Hammer. rofl! Tell me that is not a correct name!

Visit please - mes chers. I need to learn american spanish quick - any suggestions?

I am leaving insurance for being a computer helpful person at an 116 year old charitable organization. I am in frikkin heaven! I start in about 2 weeks.

I havve been nearly dying from black mold exposure for a solid year but baies, I am back! Check out how sassy I am - <<>>

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You'll Never Keep Me Down

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