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How to overcome a stroke.

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Some years ago I had a stroke of my brain.

It did not affect any muscles and in fact had I not had a brain scan one would never have believed it.

However, for the last six months I have had difficulty in remembering, and quite recently, my memory loss has been extreme.

I have some brain exrcises which one of the kind researchers sent me at one stage, and by logical deduction, decided that if I practised them faithfully, they could help restore the damaged circularion which occured when I had the stroke.

This has been working, and is woorking.

But so few people appear to believe me.

I reckon when anyone reaches the age of 80 they should be given a computer, and also my very special memory game which was so kindly sent to me by one of our researchers many years ago.

It works, but until researchers believe it what on earth can I do?

I am very much a living person, having made a dramatic recovery, not only from my stroke, but also in trying to fight to retain my consequent memory loss,

I am still me, alsoran80 and my subsequent nickname, and I always sign my christian name which is easy enough.

So do be kind, and reply and tell me your experiences. I know severall friends have and they inlcude my very dear lil and Icy. Others however are dubious.....

We all have a role to play in making our life spans much longer and much more productuve and let us face it more full of friends. This would be a wonderful tribute to our marvellous founder, Douglas Noel Adams who died of a heart attack at the tender age of 40 literally a year after I joined this marvellous wevbsite. ...!

It would be a wonderful tribute to our founder and his wife who has just died, if we could dedicate this marvellous website which was
probably thei frist www to his vision.

Sunday 12th November 2011 14.15 BMT

How to overcome a stroke.

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Dearest Christiane,

I've often seen you mention how much those exercises have been helpful to you, and I believe they do smiley - hug

You have such clear memories which you have often shared with us. Do you realise that you are educating us with your memories? Long may you continue to do so smiley - biggrin

I do understand your fears. Dad is in his 80's and he worries that the sharpness and clarity of his short term memory is beginning to slip, yet he needn't fear. He's as sharp as ever when it comes to his money and safety around the home - yes, he needs little reminders to lock the shed when he's finished in there, but that seems to be about all. Even Hubby forgets to lock the shed sometimes.. and the backdoor!

Our main concern for him is with his back and legs. At 6' 2" he's had back problems and operations in the past are causing him some issues again now. He is becoming doddery on his legs and needs to take things slowly or he will totter until he can gain his balance. My brother looks after him and lives at home, so we at least know he's got someone to watch over him.

I have chatted to him about you, and he often relates some stories of his own after hearing of your memories. I would love for him to join h2g2, but he won't get broadband. He enjoys his card games on the PC and doesn't feel the need to join the tinterweb!

Now you know a little bit more about my family smiley - winkeye


lil xx

How to overcome a stroke.

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Dearest Lil,

Thank you for sharing that frailty of your father with me.

It really does help to know that there is someone out there who relates to one.

I really mean what I said about a memorial to our founder Douglas Noel Adams and his wife.

Is there anyone whom you can contact who could initiate it.I had hoped that Hyypatia could do it Is she stil our "president" She came to visit me when she was here on her last visit. I know that Icy North has put me in contact with Dr. Zen. who has replied and said that he would do some research and let me know. I often fear that time is so precious that it will be too late when it does come.

It is such an obvious - to me - problem with having a stroke when one is old. The blood supply to that particular part of the brain is interrupted and then if one leaves it long enough, the brain atrophies and no longer functions. However your Dad probably is keeping his brain active by playing card games. His brain is being kept active and therefore the blood supply is still functioning normally.

I think you should try and persuade him to either use a stick when he is walking so that he does not lose his balance.

Is he on pain killers? I stopped those aeons ago as I found that they made me lose my balance. My "painkiller" is having a long very deep warm bath every day. Unfortunately I can no longer have the hot baths that I used to love because it makes my heart race - not a good idea.!

Thank you my dear lil for sharing your parental news with me. It was an act of friendship on the internet i.e. www and really did help me. !

I really feel we should do something im memory of DNA - have you realised the significance of his initials? - He gave so much to the world and should be remembered. I also feel that had he not died so suddenly he would surely have been recognised and gained a Nobel Prize for his immense vision of what this marvellous new www could do.

I must admit, however that I often feel very strange and give a wry smile when i hear of someone gaining one. I remember what the discovery that gave Alfred Nobel this prestigious prize. I am sure that you also remember what it was. know it.!!!!

With much affection


Monday 14th November 2011 4.00 GMT

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