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h2g2 Guide Editors

With all the other excitement of yesterday's announcement regarding the official signing of the contract for h2g2 it rather overshadowed yet another important piece of news.

We have both good news and sad news - so in the interests of tradition we'll start with the sad. We are sorry to announce that Jordan has reluctantly resigned from his post as Guide Editor - due to real life circumstances. We wish him well in all that comes his way, we hope that we will see him frequently and anticipate that he'll be back to keep us all on our toes.

Thank you for all that you've done Jordan, we will hold your vision for the future of the Guide dear, and rest assured that your presence will not be forgotten.

And the good news? Obviously, a suitable candidate to fill such eminent shoes was not going to be easy - but with the application of much carrot, we've succeeded in enticing Icy to join the other three Editors.

Icy is well known across the whole of h2g2, and has credibility and kudos in spades. We welcome him with glad hearts and appreciate his acceptance of the post. We are sure that we will speak for the majority of members in being delighted to have him aboard.

smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterfly~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterfly

The next month will be an exciting and nerve wracking time as we prepare for the beginning of life away from the BBC. Please continue to write, review and if you're a Scout, make your normal recommendations. If you're a sub-editor and have outstanding Entries - please return them to the BBC editors so that we have a good selection of items ready to publish. Thanks

smiley - bubbly

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Mrs Zen

smiley - cry and smiley - magic in equal measures, really. Can't we have them BOTH!

I should add that though Jordan's departure is definitely a loss for us, it was for good solid Real Life reasons and more to do with being busy than anything else. And although he's gone to lunch for a while, I hope he'll be back soon.....


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Icy North

You took the words right out of my mouth.

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aka Bel - A87832164

Sorry to see Jordan go, but congratulations to Icy. smiley - bubblyapplause>

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What Bel said.

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Congrats Icy. I'm quite certain you'll do a wonderful job. smiley - cheers all.

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