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The toils of Dodgeball and Internships

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Alas, or possibly thankfully, my internship is not in dodgeball smiley - run

I am currently trying to keep together a truly battered body from my brother-in-law (to be)'s stag do. Having a somewhat large group of middle class friends he did avoid the increasingly de rigeur abusive treatment (mostly).

While the Best Man's organisation was excellent (despite us creating a faffer's united organisation) the effects of one 4am finish, followed by two hours of morning dodgeball in fancy dress (personally I felt my minion outfit was excellent) followed by another 4am finish has left some suitable effects...clearly I'm getting old. smiley - teasmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale

More annoyingly after a great weekend my summer boss has (finally) got back to me and told me my summer timings. Annoyingly she is going on holiday for two weeks, so my intership has been delayed to a week into July - I'd actually been looking forward to doing some work (it's for a charity organisation), and work is a rare thing for a philosophy student to look forward to smiley - tongueout

As such, clearly the only reasonable option is for me to finish my (lego...for now) death star smiley - biggrin

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The toils of Dodgeball and Internships

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